The Trial Group
Nationwide Litigation Support


End-to-end support for all your trial needs.

Areas of Support


Evidence presentation

Work with our trial consultants to organize and present your evidence in a dynamic and engaging way. Any document in your case is immediately available to present with real-time highlights and call-outs.                    

deposition Syncing and editing

Depositions are edited to play only the content you need for the case. Referenced exhibits can be displayed side-by-side with the video and annotated live during playback. We offer both standard and high definition video editing.


Your trial consultants will handle the myriad of important but burdensome tasks that are a part of every trial. We handle hotel arrangements, deliveries, copies, transportation, car rentals, expense reports, equipment and more. 

War Room Set-up

Have the convenience of your office in any city in the country. Our consultants can arrange a workspace in close proximity to the courthouse and stock it with any necessary technology and equipment needs.                                  

Presentation Development

Trial consultants are proficient in PowerPoint, Keynote and Timeline creation. Let us bring your arguments to life by creating custom graphics and animations designed specifically for your case or mediation.                                

Courtroom set-up

Rely on our trial consultants to set-up and operate reliable and unobtrusive technology, custom configurable for any courtroom. Our turnkey solutions include projectors, screen, monitors, speakers, document camera, presentation iPad, presenter remotes and more.